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One of the country's health care insurance providers, Medhealth Malawi, has partnered South Africa’s Healthshare in a bid to enhance its referral services. This follows an announcement made by representatives of both companies recently in Lilongwe. The development comes a few months after the local entity entered a similar deal with an Indian health care insurance company, Yashoda Group. Chief Executive Officer of Mednealth, Bright Kamanga, said that Healthshare is an institution that offers services that would better correspond with their products, hence the agreement. “We thought it wise to partner the institution because of the services we offer, one of which is referral of foreign treatment. We decided to partner with a South African firm as other referrals are for South Africa," Kamanga said.

He went on to say that the development will not reflect in any way on service charges for members. “There is no additional cost to this, you might be aware of the legacy that we have. We were initially metropolitan and all these things were handled by that company before the buyout and we must continue with such services, that is why we engaged Healthshare,’ Kamanga added. Healthshare Executive Finance and Administration Manager, Dalina Greyling, said that the move is part of the company’s growth drive on the African continent. “We are a company that has existed for 12 years in South Africa. We specialize in managing care and that is why we like to partner with various players in health insurance. We are currently in Botswana, Swaziland and now Malawi,” Greyling said.

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