MediSave Option

Inpatient Benefits MediSave (MWK)
Inpatient (IP) Limit 8,700,000
Hospitalisation (General medical and surgical wards including Ward and Theatre medicines) Subject to overall IP Limit
High Care and ICU Subject to overall IP Limit
Specialists and General Practitioners Subject to overall IP Limit
Theatre Costs Subject to overall IP Limit
Blood Transfusion Subject to overall IP Limit
Major Disease Benefit (MDB) 4,850,000
Oncology Subject to MDB per benefiary p.a. 2,500,000
Organ Transplants *D Subject to MDB per beneficiary p.a. 2,150,000
Chronic Dialysis Subject to MDB per beneficiary p.a. 2,150,000
Motor Vehicle Accident Subject to MDB 2,150,000
Physiotherapy *R per beneficiary p.a. 234,000
Medicines to take home (TTO) 23,400
Radiology and Pathology 149,500
Specialised Radiology One Additional MRI/CT Scan 30% co-pay
Maxillofacial Surgery 2,200,000
Maternity (Delivery including postpartum and neonatal care) 3,500,000
Internal and external prosthesis 300,000
Medical Appliances 71,500
Psychiatric hospitalisations 7 days p.a.
Sub-Acute Care Subject to overall IP Limit
Ambulance Services 200,000
Emergency Air/Cross-Border Evacuation and Foreign Referral Treatment cost only
Repatriation of Mortal Remains Not Covered
Emergency Foreign cover Not covered


Outpatient Benefits MediSave (MWK)
Outpatient (OP) Limit 309,660
Consultations Limit 92,950
Specialist Consultations on Referral 1 Visit
Antenatal and Postnatal Benefit *E Covered
Antenatal & postnatal Consultations 4 Visits
Ultrasounds 2 Scans
Pathology 2 Full Blood Count; VDRL; Urinalysis; HIV-Ag Test
Procedures 118,820
Pathology (Subject to Procedures Limit) 59,000
Radiology (Subject to Procedures Limit) 54,600
HIV / AIDS Benefit *E Anti-retroviral therapy Pathology Tests Covered according toMalawi HIV Policy
Basic Dentistry 195,000
Specialised Dentistry and Orthodontics *P 200,000
Physiotherapy *R Subject to Auxiliary limit
Auxiliary services *R 90,000
Acute Medicines 98,150
Chronic Medicines *E 104,260
Optometry (Lens and Frame) - Every 2 years 85,000
Eye Test Subject to Optical Limit 1 Eye Test Every 24 months
Funeral Benefit 100,000



*E = Enrolment Required
*P = Pre-Authorisation Required
*R = Referral by GP or Specialist required
*D = Donor not covered




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