MedHealth Steps on Malawi’s Independence Ladders

Malawi clocks 53 years of independence there are still any issues elders need to explain to the young generation on the long journey to freedom from the British colonial rule.

Of special interest to the new scholars is the misunderstanding that arose between Malawi's first Prime Minister Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda and six members of his newly appointed cabinet in September 1964 on policy matters.

Among the many differences that led to the crisis that ended in Dr. Banda dismissing some of the newly appointed ministers and others resigning in solidarity with their fired colleagues barely two months after independence was a suggestion to introduce a fee in government hospitals.

But what makes the 'Born-Frees' (people born after Malawi attained independence) die with laughter is the amount brought before Parliament for approval, believe it or not it was Three Pence, an equivalent of Five Tambala, (not Five Kwacha but Five Tambala). Nevertheless, the tempers could be justified by explaining that in 1964 Two Malawi Kwacha was equal to one British Pound, meaning to an ordinary citizen Three Pence (Five Tambala) was indeed a lot of money. To those on low pay, whether in civil service or private sector the complaint was the same, especially considering that there was no talk of medical schemes of any kind.

However, today 53 years of independence, Malawians have access to medical aid schemes, although the question of whether or not they are affordable to everybody regardless of financial status remains an issue of discussion in homes and workplaces. That is where insuring with MedHealth not only makes sense but logic because it is a medical aid company's core value to guarantee a 100% no short-fall on its membership benefit.

"We make sure our members do not have to co-pay on their available benefit to allow them that peace of mind when dealing with ill-favored circumstances regardless of their financial standing:" said MedHealth CEO Bright Kamanga.

He explained that depending on a chosen plan MedHealth may cover foreign treatment and repatriate remains in the unfortunate event of death while on foreign treatment. MedHealth would waive the premiums of dependents for six months within a benefit year, in the event of death of a principle member.

As one bereaved beneficiary pointed out, at first he thought that such an offer was a mere business sweet-talk, until he saw how MedHealth kept its word and rescued the family when the principle member (father) passed on. "The entire family felt at ease when the company repatriated the remains of our loved one and waived the premiums for half a year. My mother keeps repeating that the peace of mind the assistance brought was just unbelievable he said.

In case many still do not know, MedHealth takes advantage of Malawi's 53 years of independence to inform the nation that there is a medical aid company whose core value propositions are under the following Product Advantages:

  • NO SHORTFALLS on available benefits
  • NO WAITING PERIODS for corporate members & new born babies
  • Lower premiums for spouses and children (Child dependents up to 21 YEARS - with extensions if still in school)
  • Chronic illnesses covered -registration required on DMP
  • Medical appliances covered
  • Personal Health Assessment - PHA
  • Embedded emergency ambulance services (Local and Foreign)
  • Foreign referrals (Cashless) • Evacuation
  • Repatriation of remains in the event of death while on authorized foreign referral/ evacuation
  • Funeral expense benefit
  • Health Waiver in the event of death of main member
  • 24 hour toll free hotline number for emergencies and or counseling.

The reason for going into this extra mile is simple and straightforward: "IT'S NOT JUST OUR JOB.. IT'S OUR PASSION!'

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