MedHealth: Malawi's life saving medical scheme

MedHealth partnership with Yashoda Hospitals of India is geared towards saving lives of Malawian citizens under a medical scheme affordable to qualifying members regardless of financial status.

Both medical giants in their own right have agreed to run together on an endless healthy journey in a race that, upwards, sees only the sky as the limit and sideways indications that time is non ripe enough for Malawi in look beyond the horizon.

As a developing country, it is a known fact that Malawi is still struggling to cope with numerous challenges affecting the health sector.

Each administration since Malawi attained independence from the British in 1964 has tried is very best and now, seeking visible private sector involvement Therefore, 53 years as a free nation Malawi needs brains of steady and properly managed medical aid scheme that has the stamina to tackle whatever challenges head on. There cannot be any better local company readily available to join the battle than MedHealth.

MedHealth CEO Bright Kamanga declares that he has a team of clinical, administration and corporate social responsibility specialists readily available and tirelessly working around the clock in the task of rebranding a company that once upon a time was owned by South African financial services giants MMI Group into a genuinely Malawian owned life saving venture.

“Without fear or contradiction, I can comfortably say that I have a team that within a short period has created the most trusted and leading medical aid institution,“ said Kamanga.

He Stated that MedHealth‘s model of operation as it stands today does speak for itself as a medical aid institution that so far provides quality, affordable and convenient healthcare cover for individuals, families and organizations in Malawi with a core value proposition of a 100% no shortfall guarantee on available benefits.

“We are very fortunate to find a reputable partner in the name of Yashoda Hospitals of India, a medical institution offering specialized treatment in cardiological/cardiothoracic conditions, oncology/cancer, non-neurological disorders, orthopedic as well as heart and kidney, liver, lung and bone morrow transplants”, said Kamanga.

Yashoda Hospitals International, Services Manager, Dr Rohan Biradar who recently visited Malawi said he was returning to India convinced that in MedHealth he had found an institution with the capacity to facilitate foreign referrals of patients from Malawi to India for specialized treatment at affordable payments systems.

“I have met senior Ministry of Health officials and medical specialists who concur that it would be cheaper and sensible to refer Malawian patients who can benefit from specialist treatment in India and of course recommended by local specialists,” he said.

So far, six patients have benefited from this arrangement as from February to June, 2017. Over the past two decades, Yashoda Group of Hospitals has provided quality healthcare for the people of diverse medical needs with an outstanding reputation in patient care and clinical outcomes.

The institution runs three independent hospitals, three heart institutes, 1,800 beds under the services of 62 medical specialist doctors, 6,600 employees, treating 500,000 out-patients per year, 100,000 major surgeries per year and 200,000 surgical procedures per year.

Malawi will be Yashoda’s 17th representative on the African continent after South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, Tanzania, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Sudan, Nigeria, Chad, Mali, Niger, Algeria and Libya.

By Willie Zingani (Corporate Social Responsibility Specialist)

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