Our Story

After taking over the operations of the South African Metropolitan Health scheme, through a management buy-out in October 2016, MedHealth was on the fast track to being a promising player in the industry. With the advantage of a legacy of experience, dating back to the entry of South Africa’s Momentum Health into Malawi in 2009, then its merger with Metropolitan Health in 2012 – MedHealth is now an indigenous company with an international perspective.

Management, operations and procedures are still the same because there is no cause to change a winning formula. The team that served customers with a global standard of professionalism remains. With regard to the quality of products and services, members can expect progressive innovation, where MedHealth will constantly outdo itself, as it keeps its finger on the pulse of industry trends.

The business grew by approximately 61 percent soon after the transition was made. This is a key indicator of market confidence and should growth continue on this exponential track, MedHealth will have established itself as one of the market leaders. The inclusivity of the scheme is set to spread its growth to rural areas as well.