Our Values


Arbitrary product offering changes, failure to deliver what is promised, and increased premiums despite low inflation and a stable economy, are some of the inconsistencies that go against our values. A secure product offering, no premium increases in the middle of a financial year, and tenacity despite volatile and unstable economic periods are just some of the promises made by MedHealth. Cover across a spectrum of income range is available as we are committed to tailoring products that suit every income bracket.


Comprehensive cover should not be exclusive to higher-end products. Therefore, the no-shortfall provision has become a standard offering for many health administrators across the country. Innovate product structures created with a mind-set of longevity; protecting members from the burden of co-payments on services - including consultation, laboratory, scanning or admission. MedHealth provides members with true, adequate, clear and prompt information on the goods or services offered, so that consumers can make proper and informed choices.


MedHealth provides an innovative alternative that ensures client security. This is why MedHealth closely monitors how members utilise their benefits, so that products are aligned with the specific requirements of the end user. MedHealth has spearheaded some innovations due to client demand, among which are funeral cover, repatriation of mortal remains and personal health assessments. From the entry-level Care and CarePlus to the top-level PremiumCare, each option plan has a network of service providers within an accepted range. These are just a few of the many ways that MedHealth guarantees a seamless client experience.


Our staff

Customer service is not about added value. For MedHealth, interaction with clients is the fabric of our offering and it is woven together by committed staff and service providers. Our client service consultants are drawn locally as they understand our people and are best able to cater to their needs. The right attitude in conjunction with a thorough understanding of our products and services are a winning combination that guarantees the professionalism of our staff members. A cohesive team is often difficult to cultivate, but for years, MedHealth has been largely differentiated from competitors by the impeccable quality of service it offers.

Our suppliers

In addition to our staff members are the local businesses that form part of our supply chain. As a company that takes contribution to economic development in our country seriously, we recognise the importance of sourcing locally to foster the growth of small-medium enterprises. At times we may need to source specialised services outside the country, however, this is only done after determining that there is no local option. A team of marketing, clinical, administration and corporate social responsibility specialists works tirelessly to consolidate the fresh brand image of the company so that potential clients will have a top-of-mind awareness of what they get by joining the scheme; and existing clients may have a flawless customer experience.

Our Partners

One of the many exciting developments within our contingent of outstanding professionals is the partnership with the Yashoda Hospitals of India. This medical institute offers specialised treatment in cardiological/cardiothoracic conditions, oncology/cancer, non-neurological disorders, orthopaedic as well as heart and kidney, liver, lung and bone morrow transplants, just to mention a few. MedHealth has found an institution with the capacity to facilitate foreign referrals of patients from Malawi to India for specialized treatment at affordable payments systems. Malawian specialists are now able to work with their Indian counterparts to undertake life-saving interventions benefitting MedHealth members.





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