Our Principles, Approach & Advantage


“We have a relatively simplistic but thorough approach to our market research, approaching it with a mindset focused on longevity, as opposed to achieving short-term goals. This business intelligence informs us in terms of what we should and shouldn’t do, depending solely on market trends and current appetite being witnessed by our researchers.” – CEO, Bright Kamanga



“We understand the market and we will endeavour to close the existing gaps. But while being an indigenous player, we will offer services that meet international standards. We understand that perfection cannot be attained but we believe that the road to perfection allows us to offer excellence. And excellence in everything that we do is the perfection”. CEO, Bright Kamanga



“MedHealth‘s model of operation as it stands today does speak for itself as a medical aid institution that so far provides quality, affordable and convenient healthcare cover for individuals, families and organizations in Malawi with a core value proposition of a 100% no shortfall guarantee on available benefits.” – CEO, Bright Kamanga





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